Electricity has become a fundamental part and basic need of our lives. At all times, it keeps our places lighted and helps our appliances to work. However, at times, electricity can be unsafe if mishandled but it also keeps us safe. Our alarm systems work on electricity and protect us from burglaries, thefts or unwanted elements. 

We keep smoke detectors and fire alarms to prevent fire-related tragedies. It should be known that ‘smoke detectors’ and ‘fire alarms’ are not interchangeable. A smoke detector senses smoke and rings an alarm in the area where there is smoke. The three smoke alarm types involve the following:

  • Photoelectric: It uses a light beam and sensors to detect smoke.
  • Ionization: It uses a chamber to sense an abundance of smoke particles in the air. Commonly, this smoke detector is used as it is cheap and works efficiently.
  • Dual Sensor: It contains both photoelectric and ionization smoke sensors.

On the other hand, a fire alarm senses smoke as well as heat. It gets triggered by a smoke detector and rings an alarm in the whole house or building. Besides this, it has many other beneficial features as well. Few optional features of a fire alarm include:

  • Fire Alarm Control Panel: This connects all parts of the system together to the central monitoring station.
  • Fire Alarm Box: This structure is placed in a glass box and in case of fire, it sends a fire alert to local authorities. 
  • Sprinkler System: This system automatically activates when smoke particles reach high levels. It protects you and your property from excessive fire damage.
  • Warning System: Flashing lights along with alarms can be used as alert signals for those who are hearing impaired.
  • Transmitter devices: These devices can be used by adults to monitor their place even in their absence. Such devices can be worn around the neck or as a wristband.

 Thus, they both have different functions and are used in appropriate environments. For example, a smoke detector may be used in a house whereas a fire alarm may be used better in a school or any organization. Apart from their differences, what they both need is proper installation. Smoke detectors can be operated through battery and wires as well. 

The one with wires is more reliable than a battery-operated smoke detector. Smoke detectors should be installed in major sections of the house including bedrooms. A fire alarm that is wired for each smoke detector is quite effective. It is recommended to install the fire alert system correctly. A well-installed fire alert system will not only alert your house to a fire, but the system will also activate the sprinkler system and inform the fire department as well.

Installing any of the devices wrong can be a potential danger to the entire premise. You should make sure that your fire systems are wired properly and fire alarms are connected to each other properly.