Escaping or enjoying much-needed rest and relaxation, especially when the weather is in warm summer months, calls for investing in a security solution for your property. We all know how hard it is to imagine returning to your home being broken into.

So, for the same reason, here we have some good suggestions for you to keep your home safe:


  • Installation of a Security System:
    At Pacific Security, we commit to provide your property with the best custom security. Our team will work with you and check for what your family, as well as home requirements, are and a custom design solution will be designs for you. With a security system, a huge deterrent is then acting for burglars that look for a home that they think would be easy to enter.

  • Installation of Automated Outdoor & Indoor Lighting:
    Outdoor as well as indoor lighting can be used for fooling a passerby and making them think you are home. You can give it a great start with the Motion sensor lighting across the home. The illumination will help in alerting your neighbors about someone in your home and hence, scare away these intruders.

  • Maintaining Landscape and other Activities
    Another huge red sign to potential thieves is the house lawn which hasn’t been kept well-manicured. Moreover, a big pile of newspapers, magazines or letters outside your home porch or mailbox might be another huge sign that “We are out or we aren’t home!”

    And hence, it’s crucial to keep the lawn well-manicured and also, let the postal service be alerted that you are going to be away for a while and to hold the mail for the time being. You may let the local police department as well know about your plans.


  • Make sure to not Advertise Your Trip
    We all know how tempting it is to tell people around or social media followers you know about the upcoming travel plans but make sure you don’t give out details until after the vacation, especially when your whole family is out.

    You may tell a few close friends or neighbors about the same. Make sure to wait until you are back to your home before you upload photos or videos and tell people every little detail about it.

Checking for the Environmental Sensors:

Checking for the environmental sensors is always a nice and suggested idea and hence, ensure to check the smoke detector or CO alarms if they are working before you go out. Some homes are also equipped with heat and water sensors which help in alerting the homeowners when they are out and about something that is awry at home.

Taking Care of Last-Minute things:

Before you move out for a vacation, ensure turning down the thermostat, removing that hidden extra key, getting any valuable things out of sight, and also, make sure to unplug the unrequired electronics. It may seem difficult and too much but it will make you feel good afterward as who knows what might happen and hence, it’s always good to stay on the safer side.