Back To Base Monitoring

permaconnAlarm Express has access to a vast network of leading security and alarm specialists, all of whom have granted us access to their inner workings so that we may carry out work on their behalves, quickly and efficiently.

Many Alarm and Security companies around Australia provide their customers with effective, Back-to-Base Monitoring as a means to provide a heightened level of security that is otherwise unavailable to standard alarm systems.

Back-To-Base Monitoring allows for a given person, business or household to rely on the watchful eyes of trained security specialists, who maintain watch over the given property. As such, if an alarm is triggered, the personnel stationed at the monitoring base will be able to assess the situation and respond appropriately.

In situations where homeowners go on vacation or offices are left empty overnight, Back-to-Base Monitoring provides another layer of security that gives customers the ability to protect their belongings without having to make the necessary arrangements when an intruder finds their way in. The specialists behind the system will organise for private security guards or the Police to attend the scene and contain the situation.

With that in mind, Alarm Express is fully licensed and qualified to carry out installation, repair and maintenance on a wide range of Back-To-Base Monitoring systems across Sydney, including the likes of DSC Security Products, DAS Alarms, Ness Alarms, Bosch Alarms and many others.

If you think your Back-To-Base Monitoring system is in need of attention, or replacement, contact us today and one of our professional security experts will give you the guidance you need and/or arrange for a service.

Any Alarm. Any Age. Any Installer.

Alarm Express is equipped to handle all of your security needs.

  • Rapid Response – we can set-up, service and install your systems on the same day that you book.
  • We are fully qualified to install, maintain and repair a wide range of third party products and systems including DSC, Ness Alarms, DAS Alarms, ADT, Paradox, Ademco, Honeywell, Aritech, Avolution, Bosch, C&K, Crow, Hills, EDM, Elite, Fbii, ITI, KOBI, Lynx, MCM, Micron, Moose, Networx, Protégé, Risco, Rosslare, Sentinel, Visonic, Concept & Tecom among many others.
  • We can work with, install and repair any alarm, of any age, whether it was fitted by us or any other company.
  • We intend to have your systems serviced in just one visit.
  • Our professional technicians arrive fully equipped so that you can rest assured that your alarm and security systems will receive the due care and attention they require.

Contact us today to enhance your home, office or vehicular security – Back-To-Base monitoring is a highly effective means to secure your property, but just like many things in life, it requires due care and attention to ensure it continues to function at its optimum.

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