Alarm Maintenance

Book your Alarm Maintenance before 8am, and we’ll arrange to have your system serviced on the same day!

As with most things in life, your home, office or transportation’s alarm features need regular care and attention to ensure that they continue to function at their best.
Alarm Express is proud to offer customers over 30 years’ experience in Alarm installation and maintenance services and, as such, our technicians are fully qualified and arrive with all the necessary tools and hardware to effectively service your alarm and security equipment throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas.

We recommend that you have your alarm system inspected and/or serviced at least once every six (6) months, but if you experience any of the following at any stage of your security system’s life, then please contact Alarm Express immediately:

  • Physical damage to your alarm or security system, its sensors or housings
  • False alarms from your main alarm system
  • False alarms from you smoke detectors
  • Your Alarm’s keypad or touch screen indicates that your system requires servicing (beeping)
  • Your alarm system is experiencing power issues
  • Cable Damage – commonly due to renovations or pests
  • Forgotten or misplaced access codes

Alarm Express offers rapid and cost-effective Alarm Maintenance, repair, replacement and installation across a wide range of Alarm Manufacturer’s products, and each of our services is backed by all the benefits you would expect from a leading service provider:

Any Alarm. Any Age. Any Installer.

Alarm Express is equipped to handle all of your security needs.

  • Rapid Response – we can service your systems on the same day you make your booking.
  • We are fully qualified to install a wide range of third party products and systems including DSC, Ness Alarms, DAS Alarms, ADT, Paradox, Ademco, Honeywell, Aritech, Avolution, Bosch, C&K, Crow, Hills, EDM, Elite, Fbii, ITI, KOBI, Lynx, MCM, Micron, Moose, Networx, Protégé, Risco, Rosslare, Sentinel, Visonic, Concept, Tecom and a wide range of other Security Systems.
  • We can service any alarm, of any age, whether it was fitted by us or any other installer.
  • Just $260 including GST* between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.
  • We intend to have your systems serviced in just one visit.
  • Our professional technicians arrive fully equipped so that you can rest assured that your alarm and security systems will receive the due care and attention they require.

Call Alarm Express today to improve your home, office or vehicular security – regular servicing will keep your systems running at their optimum performance.

1300 003 794

Alternatively, please contact us via email, or click here to make an online enquiry. One of our professional alarm specialists will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist wherever possible.

Don’t forget to book before 8am to have your systems serviced on the same day!

*$260 including GST is the service fee for the first half hour only, and does not cover the cost of associated hardware or security products. For more information, please visit our Prices Page.